Expanding the phenotype, genotype and biochemical knowledge of ALG3-CDG.

TitleExpanding the phenotype, genotype and biochemical knowledge of ALG3-CDG.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAlsharhan, H, Ng, BG, Daniel, EJames Paul, Friedman, J, Pivnick, EK, Al-Hashem, A, Faqeih, EAli, Liu, P, Engelhardt, NM, Keller, KN, Chen, J, Mazzeo, PA, Rosenfeld, JA, Bamshad, MJ, Nickerson, DA, Raymond, KM, Freeze, HH, He, M, Edmondson, AC, Lam, C
Corporate AuthorsUniversity of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics (UW-CMG)
JournalJ Inherit Metab Dis
Date Published2021 Feb 13

Congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDGs) are a continuously expanding group of monogenic disorders of glycoprotein and glycolipid biosynthesis that cause multisystem diseases. Individuals with ALG3-CDG frequently exhibit severe neurological involvement (epilepsy, microcephaly, and hypotonia), ocular anomalies, dysmorphic features, skeletal anomalies, and feeding difficulties. We present 10 unreported individuals diagnosed with ALG3-CDG based on molecular and biochemical testing with 11 novel variants in ALG3, bringing the total to 40 reported individuals. In addition to the typical multisystem disease seen in ALG3-CDG, we expand the symptomatology of ALG3-CDG to now include endocrine abnormalities, neural tube defects, mild aortic root dilatation, immunodeficiency, and renal anomalies. N-glycan analyses of these individuals showed combined deficiencies of hybrid glycans and glycan extension beyond Man GlcNAc consistent with their truncated lipid-linked precursor oligosaccharides. This spectrum of N-glycan changes is unique to ALG3-CDG. These expanded features of ALG3-CDG facilitate diagnosis and suggest that optimal management should include baseline endocrine, renal, cardiac, and immunological evaluation at the time of diagnosis and with ongoing monitoring.

Alternate JournalJ Inherit Metab Dis
PubMed ID33583022
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